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Thru Availability

High Availability with Azure Availability Zones

High availability is included as standard across all Thru Enterprise Plans.

Resilient Datacenter Zones

Thru Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) environments are deployed across five (5) Azure regions worldwide, operating independently per region. Within supported regions, there exist three (3) separate availability zones consisting of discrete data canters with independent infrastructure. Thru architectures span workloads and resources across these isolated zones to achieve resilience from potential zone-level outages or disasters.


Example of an Azure Region with Availability Zones

Resilient Storage

Thru utilizes Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) which synchronously replicates data across three availability zones in the primary Azure region. Each zone operates on independent infrastructure pillars mitigating impact from localized disruptions.

ZRS provides >= 99.9999999999% (12 9's) durability for storage resources over one year.

Resilient Databases

Thru databases leverage Azure SQL Managed Instance and MongoDB configured for geo-redundant storage, with data continuously replicated to a paired region.

Cross-Region Disaster Recovery

The risk of an entire Azure region going down is very low, but still possible in extreme circumstances. Thru’s software-defined architecture enables full environment mobility across regions.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

If an entire Azure region experiences an outage, Thru operations can restore services to a normal state within 48 hours by shifting to an alternative region within the same country.

Thru externalizes system state into environment configurations, VM images, and orchestration scripts. This allows core aspects to be rebuilt across regions with greater ease than typical legacy hard-coded applications.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Thru leverages infrastructure capabilities and data protection procedures to adhere to a one (1) hour RPO for production systems.

This enables the recovery of recoverable storage and databases to a consistent state within the prior hour of anomalies or outages detected, with up to one hour of potential data loss in worst case scenarios.

The RPO of 1 hour or less is achieved by:

  • ZRS Storage

  • Geo-Redundant DB’s

If the storage is not recoverable then the state of the recovery would only include configurations, user accounts and historical audit data.

The combination of resilient cloud architecture and operational policies ensures Thru can rewind production environments to the targeted healthy state within the prior 60 minutes or less should it prove necessary during incidents or disasters.

Achieving Cross-Region High Availability

For those requiring high availability spanning Azure regions, contact our sales team to discuss options.

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